Missing Stars

There are no stars or planets to be seen in any NASA photos (or film clips) taken on the lunar surface.  NASA informs us that the relatively dim stars simply could not be captured on film without overexposing other parts of a photo when shot on the sunlit lunar surface.  Granted, this may be a plausible explanation in the case of some or even all of the lunar surface photographs that NASA has provided us; however, it doesn't explain why no one simply thought to take a picture of the stars themselves without anything else in the photo but black sky!  Wouldn't the airless lunar surface have presented the most dazzling display of stars and planets ever witnessed by man and be more than worthy of capturing on film for us Earth-bound folks back home?  

AS11-40-5845 (ALSJ)

"Earth from lunar orbit."

AS17-139-21300 (ALSJ)

"Earthset from CSM."

Here we see two Hasselblad images that were captured of the Earth while in lunar orbit.  Again, no stars are to be seen in either photograph.  Shouldn't these two photos show some stars?  If you or I snapped a picture of just a crescent moon with a 35-mm camera wouldn't the resulting picture contain stars?

Again, even if one could argue against there being stars in these two photos, are we to believe that upon leaving Earth's orbit, the three Apollo 11 astronauts looked out the window and were greeted with the blackest sky imaginable, filled with the most brilliant stars ever to be seen and it didn't occur to any of them to take a picture just of the stars?

Possibly even more absurd, the Apollo astronauts have maintained that they themselves were unable to see any stars from the surface of the moon!  From his own investigation into the matter, Ralph Rene found that this star-blindness is a common affliction among astronauts, (although one that comes and goes; see chapter 5 of Rene's book, NASA Mooned America). Though NASA contends that the brightness of the sun would not permit direct viewing of the stars from the surface of the moon, again, this doesn't explain why the astronauts didn't simply hold up their hand to eclipse the sun's rays!  Nor does it explain their uneasiness with answering questions regarding the stars!  See the excerpt of the Apollo 11 astronaut press conference shown in the documentary, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon.



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