Featureless Backgrounds

In many Apollo lunar surface photographs the foreground contains an infinite amount of detail whereas the background is featureless.  The transition between the foreground and background is typically abrupt and suggests that a fake background was used to fabricate the photos.  Photo AS16-107-17446 is an example showing a transition between a feature rich foreground and a featureless background.  The transition in this photograph intersects the right rear wheel fender of the rover just above the small American flag sticker.  Note the abruptness with which the small features on the ground come to a halt along this line.  Off in the distance, there's no detail whatsoever--not even a shadow of a rock or crater to be seen anywhere.  

The impression you get looking at this particular photo is that you are overlooking the edge of a sudden drop-off.  Indeed, this is how NASA apologists interpret this and similar photos; but this interpretation doesn't explain the contradiction that greets the eye.  Despite the lack of an atmosphere, not only do we not see any details in the distance, we don't even see any substantial shadows.  That is one hell of a drop-off folks!  



At the edge of a cliff? (click for full size)

Doesn't it seem odd that, in 1/6th gravity and headed for such a sharp drop-off, the astronaut driving the rover risked running over a sizeable rock while at the same time making a rather sharp turn?  Would you have been this careless a quarter million miles from the nearest hospital?

AS14-68-9414 (ALSJ)

Must be another drop off! (click for full size)

In this next photo we see an astronaut approaching a large rock.  In the background you'll notice a transition line beyond which is a featureless plateau.  Once again, the impression you get looking at this photo is that there is a sudden drop-off.  Adding to this perception are the small rocks that lay along the transition line.  


Some NASA photos illustrate this anomaly even despite the fact that no drop-off is evident.  In NASA photo AS16-110-17960 we see an astronaut on a hillside standing beside the rover.  In the foreground there is infinite detail on the ground to be seen.  In the background there's absolutely no detail whatsoever. 

The transition line between detail and no detail travels just beneath the antenna mounted on the front of the rover.  On the other side of this line you see nothing but blurry-looking craters.  Why do we see infinite detail on this side of the transition line but no detail on the other side of it?  There's clearly no sudden drop off or ridge to implicate here!

AS16-110-17960 (ALSJ)

No sudden drop off here! (click for full size)


AS17-141-21598 (ALSJ)

Give us a break! (click for full size)

In this next photo, the transition line crosses just above the rover and astronaut.  Beyond it is the same featureless background.  



Here, the transition line can be seen just beyond the rover and the astronaut's feet.  Clearly, there's no sudden drop-off to which we can attribute a loss of detail beyond the transition, so why the sudden lack of detail?


AS17-142-21730 (ALSJ)

Duh! (click for full size)

Why do some lunar surface photos exhibit this anomaly despite that no sudden drop-off is even present?  See my rebuttal of one NASA apologist's explanation for this anomaly.

Other examples in which a foreground containing infinite detail meets abruptly with a featureless background include: 10075862, 10075973, 10075623, 10075624, AS16-109-17769, AS16-109-17770, AS16-108-17629, AS16-108-17730, AS16-117-18797, AS17-140-21491, AS17-145-22165, AS17-145-22166



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