If NASA actually sent men to the moon six times, then why did they find it necessary to fake photos and film clips shot during the Apollo missions?  Some people believe that NASA faked the moon landings upon learning that it wasn't possible to overcome the technical difficulties in going to the moon--that if they couldn't make it, they'd fake it.  Others, including myself, believe that it was NASA's intent to defraud the American people from the outset as they knew all along that it wasn't a goal that could be achieved.  The reason they did this is hinted at by what was undoubtedly accomplished: each Apollo Saturn V lofted a payload into Earth's orbit.  We've been told that this payload included a functioning lunar module and command module and that they were later sent on a trajectory to the moon, but if no moon landing actually took place then it's a pretty safe bet that no lunar module or command module capable of functioning as advertised was ever onboard a Saturn V rocket during lift-off.  That being the case, one wonders just what payload was actually placed into Earth orbit during each Apollo mission.

Could it be that these payloads were of a military nature?  Lacking congressional support for their plans,  perhaps NASA and the Pentagon found another means of achieving their goals.  If legislators wouldn't support their vision, then NASA and the gang had only to dress their vision as one that would be supported.  By igniting the public's imagination with a vision of landing men on the moon and returning them safely back to Earth (a goal which conveniently encompasses that of placing a military payload into Earth's orbit), NASA and the Pentagon easily obtained the thirty billion or so funding they sought from the unwary American taxpayers.  While we TV viewers were unknowingly watching pre-recorded film footage of actornauts performing on a moonscape, in reality, a crew of NASA employees were busy sending a shiny new military or spy satellite on its merry way...  

Sounds implausible you say?  Bear in mind that following in the wake of this so-called "greatest achievement of mankind," the entire emphasis of the American space program suddenly shifted from heady "space exploration" to the ho hum development of a better "space" delivery vehicle that could do no more than simply achieve Earth orbit!  Add to that, hardly more than a decade had passed following the final Apollo mission before Reagan was seen announcing his controversial Star Wars program!  Was Apollo really just about space exploration as we were told, or was it a clever deception employed in pursuit of the unauthorized, unilateral control of space?  


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