The C-Rock

Notice in the photo to the right that the large rock in the foreground has what appears to be a capital letter "C" on it.  This is considered by some to be a stage marking used in staging a photo shoot, and thus evidence that NASA faked the moon landings.  

To me, it looks more like a hint left behind by a disillusioned NASA technician.  After all, it does rather cleverly communicate that a fraud, (that is, a "C" + "rock" = "Crock") was being foisted on the American people!1  

If my hunch is correct, somebody working for NASA publicized, for all the world to see, that the moon landings were "a crock" and they did so in an Apollo 16 photograph, right under NASA's nose!  


The "C Rock" Photo  (click for full size)

Lending credence to this theory is the fact that, recent  scans of this picture published by NASA (see here) show no sign of the letter "C".2   As noted by Bart Sibrel in his documentary, the "C" was probably airbrushed away.  According to Sibrel, the explanation NASA gives when confronted on this matter is that the letter "C" was in actuality a fiber on the original negative and therefore was removed.  If this is true then one can only wonder how many taxpayer dollars are spent in such an endeavor each year by our space agency.  

It's no wonder that NASA felt compelled to remove this so-called "fiber".  Imagine their horror when they realized the subtle meaning of this otherwise huge red flag that was just begging to be deciphered by anyone who happened to view the photo and see a rock with a capital letter "C" on it!  Here was a photo with enormous potential to speak volumes about reality ...

Hey! ... I'm a C plus a rock!  Yes!  that's the letter C combined with the letters r, o, c and k.  Get it?  I spell "Crock"!  That's right!  It's all a crock--we didn't land on shit!

And if that weren't enough, notice that the camera reticle overlaying the rock even makes a pretty nice plus sign!  All just a coincidence?  Right!  Nice going Crockster... we salute you, whoever you are!


1. The definition of crock according to Random House Webster's College Dictionary: "(krok), n., Slang. something false or exaggerated; humbug. [1955-60; orig. unclear, though often taken as a euphemism for a crock of shit]"  Notice that the origin of the word predates the moon missions.

2. My explanation of this anomaly is by no means beyond argument but the evidence certainly weighs in favor of this explanation given the coincidences that would otherwise be required to support the official explanation.  In addition, keep in mind that other incriminating evidence brought to light on this website is in-fact irrefutable though some would no-doubt have you believe otherwise.  For some examples, see A, B and C.  

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