On July 21, 1969 the people of the world watched with amazement as the first live images were broadcast from the surface of the moon.  Apollo 11 had touched down on another world.  In quick succession, six more missions to the moon were attempted. All but one of them succeeded.  For over three decades this has been the picture of reality that most Americans have accepted without question, but does it represent the truth?

In the Spring of 2001 a firestorm erupted when Fox television aired an episode of its Conspiracy Theory program entitled "Did We Land On The Moon?".  Many Americans saw, for the first time, evidence that appeared to contradict NASA's account of events.  In the television program, it was reported that an estimated 20 percent of Americans believe that we never landed on the moon.1  Are all of these people crazy or are we all victims of an elaborate fraud?  Here you'll be presented with evidence in support of the latter conclusion.  Virtually all of this evidence is based on photographs and film clips made available by NASA.  

The Evidence

Earthlike Gravity

Why couldn't the astronauts jump any higher on the moon than you or I can here on Earth?

Missing Tracks

How could the lunar rover have been driven on the lunar surface without leaving behind any tracks?

Mechanical Attitude Changes

Why are the attitude changes or rotations carried out by the lunar module (or its ascent stage) so mechanical looking?  How can they occur instantaneously?

Missing Stars

Why didn't the astronauts take pictures of the stars while they were on the lunar surface?  How could they not have seen any stars when all they had to do was to turn away from the sun or even just hold up their hand to block the sun's rays?

Pristine Engine Parts

How come the lunar module's descent engine shroud looks as though it had never been heated above room temperature even though it was "designed to accept an exhaust temperature of 1482℃"?

Featureless Backgrounds

Why do so many lunar surface photos exhibit a feature-rich foreground that abruptly terminates in a featureless, blurry background?

Indestructible Bootprints

How do you step on a boot print without distorting its lines?

Inescapable Heat

How could the astronauts stay cool on the surface of the moon, in direct sunlight, when even the shadow side of their spacesuit was being bombarded with heat radiation that was both reflected and re-radiated from the surrounding 250℉ lunar surface?

The "C" Rock

Why did NASA remove the letter "C" that was originally seen printed on a lunar rock?


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1. No one is suggesting that NASA faked the actual launch of an Apollo Saturn V rocket.

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